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   26 Christadelphian Old Standards - Only available by download.  See at
   <>  (From Logos Bible Software not Logos  Publications.  Order only directly from Logos Bible Software, online.)

$38.00     Entire 2002 Hymn Book Sung by Northern Christadelphian Choir - MP3 DVD

$15.00 (S) Ullman J   First Principles of the One True Faith-98 pgs. (Reprinted)

$12.75 (S) Lewis M   Signs Of The Times Study Guide-162 pgs. {Fulfilled Bible Prophecies}

$8.50 (S) Hensley, J   Giving Grace-150 pgs. {Removing Our Judgmental Attitudes}

$8.25    (S)     Vincent M    For Better, For Worse Workbook-142 pgs. {Good for marriage preparation)

$3.00 (S) Davies M   Destiny of Britain Foretold, The - 24 pgs. {The Tarshish Power Prophesied}

$6.50 (S) Pearce D Milestones 2019 - 100 pgs. {Current events fulfilling prophecy in 2019}

$4.50 (S) Kidd R Responsibility. Resurrection & Judgment-44 pgs. {Historical position}

$5.00 (S) Pillion K Psalm 104 -48 pgs. {Sweet Meditations on this “Creation” Psalm}

$16.50 (S) Priscilla A Know Questions Bible Crosswords Jan-Dec-380 pgs Each Days Readings

$17.50 (S) Walker A  Messiah and his Ministry - 414 pgs. (First two years of Christ’s ministry)

$13.00 (S) Bernard N   Luke Verse by Verse -291 pgs. {Verse by Verse of the Gospel of Luke.}

$12.75    (S)    Compilation    Built Upon A Rock-190 pgs. {Beliefs & Practices of Christadelphians}

$15.75    (S)    Storey M    God We Worship, The-158 pgs. {Devotional study of the Creator} 

$12.00     (S) Pearce D    Judges Discussion Notes-82 pgs.
     {Designed to help understanding.}

$5.00    (S)   Green S -    Stories for Young People Vol 1 -50 pgs.  
      {Creation to Noah}

$5.00      (S)   Green S -     Stories for Young People Vol 2 -50 pgs.
         {Babel to Isaac}

$5.00      (S)   Green S -    Stories for Young People Vol 3 -50 pgs.         
        {Isaac to Jacob/Esau}

$5.00      (S)   Green S -    Stories for Young People Vol 4 -50pgs.                        {Jacob to Joseph}

$5.00        (S) Green S      Stories for Young People Vol 5 -50 pgs. {Joseph Alone in Egypt}

$6.25     (S) Test. Mag Special -  As You See The Day Approaching                 (May-June 2019)

$13.00     (S)  KnIght S J    - Yours Faithfully - 178 pgs. {Biblical based female friendship}

$13.50 (S) Perry P - Theistic Evolution Refuted - 76 pgs. {A close look at this Godless theory}

$5.00 (S) Hensley J - Beginning With The Bible -131-pgs. {Understanding God’s Overall Plan}

$13.50 (S) Shaw & Palmer - Growing up into Christ - 192 pgs.. {Guide for Newly Baptized)

$25.5 (S) Knight S. - A Time To Strive -575 pgs.(V){Fiction of Jewish Family During Life of Paul}

$14.50 (S) Parkin A - A-Z of Discipleship-196 pgs {In depth study of the way to the Kingdom}

$3.95 (S)  Hensley J    It Is Written - 98 pgs. {42 Biblical topics and their Biblical references}

$14.50(S) Prins R - Resisting The Devil-385 pgs.{How to overcome the temptations of the flesh}

$16.75 (S) Walker R - Treasure-New & Old-277 pgs.{Selections from the writings of the author)

$23.00    (S)   Edwards B    - Course of Time, The-384 pgs. {Biblical perspective of history}

$18.00    (S)   Collyer I - Hand of the Lord, The-216 pgs. {God at work from Abraham to Saul}

$15.00  (S) Mansfield HP   Joshua (Expositor Series)-236 pgs. {In depth ver. by ver. study.} (Reprinted)

$16.00  (S) Mansfield G  - Judges (Expositor Series)-318 pgs. {In depth ver. by ver. study.}

13.75 (S)  Cope J - Jonathan - Greatest King Israel Never Had-170 pgs. {Life of Jonathan}

$6.75 (S) Test. Mag Special - Difficult Conversations (2018) Biblical conversations/vital to discipleschip

$16.00    (S) Henstock G    - Way Of The Tree Of Life, The-320 pgs. {Restoring access to the Tree of Life}

$12.00    (S) Lawson, R -   Showing Forth the Virtues of God-244 pgs. {God Manifestation}

  $7.50 Bible Reading Discussion Cards (51 cards - to stimulate dicsussion during readings) Column 12

$15.99 (S) Part of the Family(2)-{J.Hensley}-465pgs. {Christadel’s & Kindertransport at Holocaust}   

  $9.00 (S) Losing The Way - (L.Lepherd)-124 pgs. {Traces the erosion of the Truth after Christ’s death.}
$42.75 (S) Revealing Revelation - (D.Miles)-175 pgs. {Visual colored commentary of Rev. }


$0.85   Disciple & Human Rights (CMPA)

$0.85   Is There A God? (CMPA)

$0.85   The Trinity: Bible Teaching or Church Tradition?