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   26 Christadelphian Old Standards - Only available by download.  See at
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$24.00     (S)    Knight S.    A Time To Act  -604 pgs. {Fiction of Jewish Family at time of Christ}

$14.25 (S) Abraham & Sarah. (R.Lewis)-246 pgs (In depth study of the couple of Faith}

$23.00 (H) Amos, Then & Now -(C.D.Baird)-296pgs. {Exhortational commentary on the book & author}

$9.50 (S) Atonement, The -(B. Luke)-68 pgs {“The Divine Balance”}   

$25.75 (H) Beginning at Jerusalem -(J.Hellawell)-397 pgs {Comprehansive Acts study - growth of the gospel}

$7.50 Bible Reading Discussion Cards (51 cards - to stimulate dicsussion during readings)

$10.00 (S) Christ And Caesar-(Compilation)-78 pgs {The place of the disciple vs. the government}

$15.00 (S) O’Grady B - Ecclesiastes-68 pgs. {Verse by verse study}

$5.75 (S) Feed My Sheep - Testimony Spec. Issue 2017-72  pgs. {Study -1 & 2 Peter}

$3.00 (S) Final Consolation, The (R.Roberts)-17 pgs. {Bro Roberts’ vision of the Kingdom} (Reprinted)

$16.50 (S) For Better, For Worse-(M.Vincent)-394 pgs. {Biblical Marriage Relationships) 

$16.75 (S) Genesis Blessings-(A.Walker)-420 pgs. {Structure & Key themes surrounding the promises}

$6.00 (S) Genesis For Toddlers,-24 pgs.(H.Prater)  {For ages 1-3 - Illustrated Genesis stories}

$13.50    (S) P.Cresswell    Genius Of Creation-226 pgs. {Study of the genius of Gen. 1-6}

$15.75 (S) Hebrews -(J Martin)-254 pgs. {Verse by verse study} (Reprinted)

$10.75 (S) Hope of Israel-(R.Lawson)-268 pgs. {As defined by pioneer brethren and world leaders}

$11.50 (S) In Defence Of The Faith-(H.P.Mansfield)-147 pgs {Selected articles of advice from H.P.} (Back In Print)

$27.50 (S) Jean Galbraith-(Fletcher)-292 pgs. (Life of sis Jean through the eyes of an outsider}

$15.00 (S) Light To The Gentiles, A (J.Cope) -312 pgs. {The God of Israel is also the God to Gentiles}

$9.50 (S) Billello J Little Words-273 pgs. {A look at Key Bible words & their subtleties}

$9.00 (S) Losing The Way - (L.Lepherd)-124 pgs. {Traces the erosion of the Truth after Christ’s  death.}

 $15.00 (S) Making Prayer Powerful (HP.Mansfield)-125 pgs. {Principles and privileges of Prayer}  (Reprinted)

$12.50 (S) Minor Prophets Study Guide - (Compilation)-118 pgs {Hosea to Malachi}

$7.00 (S) Pearce D - Milestones 2017-{Current events fulfilling prophecy in 2017}

$15.50 (S) Nurture and Admonition of the Lord, In The -196 pgs. (Articles on subject by various bre.)

$12.50 (S) Obeying God rather than Man -(G.Henstock)-118pgs. {Biblical Examples}

$15.00    (H) Gillett D. - Of Hearts & Minds -182 pgs (A look at 15 Bible Persons’ character)

$11.50 (S) Our Sure Foundations-(CMPA)-240 pgs.{Articles on Inspiration by Thomas, Roberts, Etc}

$15.99 (S) Part of the Family(1)-{J.Hensley}-401pgs. {Christade's & Kindertransport at Holocaust}

$15.99 (S) Part of the Family(2)-{J.Hensley}-465pgs. {Christadel’s & Kindertransport at Holocaust}

12.00 (S) Paul's Epic Journey To Rome-(T.Barling)-137 pgs. {Deals with events of Acts 25-28}

$12.50 (S) Principles & Proverbs-(I.Collyer)-205 pgs. {Eternal principles provide daily guidance} (BACK IN PRINT!)

$12.50 (S) Prophets After The Exile-(J.Carter)-296 pgs. {Studies on Hag., Zech., & Malachi} (BACK IN PRINT!)

$42.75 (S) Revealing Revelation - (D.Miles)-175 pgs. {Visual colored commentary of Rev. }

$4.50 (S) Roberts/Yutzy-Seasons of Comfort/Quotes From-102 pgs. {Living the Truth excerpts}

$12.00 (S) Storey M   Samson Revisited-148 pgs. {Saviour of Israel -Type of Christ}

$14.75 (S) Selah-(A.Pearce)-237 pgs. {Selections of articles for sisters.} (Reprinted)

 $20.00 (S) Tempte of Ezekiel’s Prophecy-(Sulley)-170 pgs. {As laid out by our bro. in 1887} (Reprinted}

$9.00 (H) Buke S.J. Torch Bearer, The-158 pgs.{Novel about Paul} (Re-released)

$15.75    (S) R.Roberts    Trial, The-264 pgs.{R.R.’s mock trial of  “Did Jesus raise from the dead?} (Reprint of Classic)

$10.00 (S) Vegetable In The Witness Box, The-(I.Collyer)-80 pgs.{Proof of creation in agriculture} (Reprinted)

$10.00 (S) Voice of God (Vox Dei)-(I.Collyer)-108 pgs.{Defence of - Bible is the True Word of God} (Reprinted)

$10.50 (S) Booker G Wayfarer’s Guide, A-301 pgs. {3rd collection of studies by author}

$17.50 (S) D.Burges - Wonder of Creation-202 pgs. {Science that proves the Bible & exposing evolution}

$15.75 (S) Wonder of Forgiveness,The-{D.Bailey)-283 pgs. {How forgiveness brings change to our lives}


$0.85   Disciple & Human Rights (CMPA)

$0.85   Is There A God? (CMPA)

$0.85   The Trinity: Bible Teaching or Church Tradition?