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Other Resources

Trove App

Trove is a simple audio app for listening to Christadelphian Bible talks found on christadelphianbibletalks.com. It allows the user to download classes for playback later and saves your progress if you stop halfway in between!


Bible Archive

The Christadelphian Digitisation Foundation was created to digitize out-of-print Christadelphian books and resources, make them available online and coordinate digital projects that go beyond the scope and capabilities of individuals and ecclesias. The goal is to make it much, easier for anyone – be they inside or outside of the community – to hear the gospel message as understood by the Christadelphians. This website contains the online database of the articles and content digitized by the Christadelphian Digitisation Foundation.

This site is not publicly accessible (meaning it cannot be found via Google), however it is available for the use of Christadelphians who have been given this direct link.

Magnify Him Together

“Magnify” is the Hebrew word gadal meaning “to enlarge.”  We can “magnify the Lord” by spreading His sphere of influence further in our lives and around us.  Our goal for this site is to provide a collection of practical resources that are useful for Christadelphian* individuals and families so that together we can grow God’s sphere of influence and bring glory to His Name. Whether you’re searching for resources for teaching children godly ways, ideas for ecclesial activities, thoughts for quiet personal reflection, or inspiration for reading time, we hope that this site will be of use to you.