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A Light to the Gentiles - Bro. Jim Cowie

Abraham and Sarah - Bro. Roger Lewis

Abraham, the friend of God - Bro. John Martin

Amos: The Herdsman from Tekoa - Bro. John Ullman

  1. An introduction to Amos
  2. Can two walk together except they be agreed?
  3. Seek good not evil
  4. Desolation to Come
  5. A famine in the land
  6. The epilogue - Prophetic picture of the Messianic kingdom

    Christ in the Wilderness - Bro. Jim Cowie

    Christ in You: The hope of Glory - Bro. John Ullman

    1. In The Midst Of The Lampstand (Col. 1)
    2. The Books To Be Opened (Matt. 25)
    3. Keeping The Faith (Luke 12)
    4. The Garland Of Righteousness (2 Tim. 4)
    5. They Shall Walk With Me In White (Rev. 3)

    David, A Shepherd and a Fugitive - Bro. Ron Kidd

    1. Israel desires a king (1 Sam. 8)
    2. A Man after God's own Heart (1 Sam. 16)
    3. Out of the Mouth of Babes and Sucklings (1 Sam. 17)
    4. Thy Love to Me was Wonderful (1 Sam. 18)
    5. Deliver Me from My Enemies (1 Sam. 19-20)
    6. The Goodness of God Endureth Continually (1 Sam. 21-22)

    David, The King of all Israel - Bro. John Knowles

    1. Arise, O Yahweh into Thy Rest, Thou and the Ark of Thy Strength (2 Sam. 6)
    2. In Mercy Shall the Throne be Established (2 Sam. 7)
    3. Blessed is the Man unto whom Yahweh Imputeth not Iniquity, and in whose Spirit there is no Guile (2 Sam. 11-12)
    4. Cast thy burden upon Yahweh, and He will Sustain Thee (2 Sam. 15-19)
    5. Give the king thy judgments, O God, and thy righteousness unto the king's son - Solomon becomes King (1 Kings 1-2)
    6. As the Brightness of Morning He shall Arise, the Sun of an Unclouded Dawn (2 Sam. 23)

    David, the Fugitive becomes a King - Bro. David Pride 

    Deity Before its Manifestation in the flesh - Bro. Colin Hollamby

    1. In The Beginning Was The Word (Logos) (John 1)
    2. I Appeared Unto Abraham, Isaac and Jacob by My Name Ail Shaddai (Exo. 6)
    3. He Maketh His Angels Spirits, His Ministers Flames of Fire (Psa. 89)
    4. Let Them Make Me a Sanctuary (Exo. 25)
    5. This Was The Appearance Of The Glory of Yahweh (Exo. 24)
    6. I, Yahweh, The First One and with The Last Ones (Dan. 10)

    Deity Manifested in the flesh - Bro. John Knowles

    1. The Word Became Flesh And Dwelt Among Us (John 1)
    2. Yahweh Elohim, This Is My Name Forever (Exo. 33-34)
    3. Yahweh Our Elohim Is One Yahweh (Rev. 1)
    4. That They May Be One 'Even As We Are One' (John 17)
    5. Beloved, Now are We the Children of God (1 John 4)
    6. The Measure Of The Stature Of The Fullness Of Christ (Eph. 4)

      Deity After its Manifestation in the flesh - Bro. Graham Harding

      1. Thou Madest Him A Little Lower Than The Angels (Psa. 8)
      2. Being Made Perfect, He Became Author of Eternal Salvation (Heb. 5)
      3. He Liveth By The Power of Deity (2 Cor. 13)
      4. Many Of Them That Sleep Shall Awake To Everlasting Life (John 20)
      5. Thou Hast Made Us Unto Our God, Kings and Priests (Rev. 5)
      6. Blessed Is He That Watcheth (Psa 145)

      Elijah the Tishbite - Bro. John Martin 

      1. Elijah - The Man of God (1 Kigns 16)
      2. The Widow of Zarephath (1 Kings 17)
      3. The Triumph on Mt. Carmel (1 Kings 16)
      4. Triumph of the Truth on Carmel's Height (1 Kings 18)
      5. The Vineyard of Naboth (1 Kings 21)
      6. The Departure of Elijah (2 Kings 2)

      Elisha, the man of God - Bro. John Martin

      1. The Call of Elisha (1 Kings 19)
      2. The Spirit of Elijah rests on Elisha (2 Kings 2)
      3. The Departure of Elijah (Matt. 3)
      4. The Healing at Jericho, Judgment at Bethel (2 Kings 2)

      5. Elisha's Significant Miracles (The Widow's Flow of Oil) (2 Kings 4)
      6. The Widow's Flow of Oil (2 Kings 4)
      7. The Great Woman of Shunem (2 Kings 4)
      8. The Cleansing of Naaman the Syrian (2 Kings 5)

      Esther, the Queen of Destiny - Bro. John Martin

      1. Vashti Dethroned (Esther 1)
      2. The Call and Preparation of Esther (Est her 2)
      3. Haman the Jews' Enemy (Est her 3-4)
      4. Esther before the king (Est her 5-6)
      5. Haman's plot overthrown (God is right) (Est her 7)
      6. Events Leading to the Feast of Purim (Est her 8)
      7. Mordecai the supreme ruler (Est her 9-10)

      Ezekiel, the Man of Sign - Bro. John Martin

      1. The Vision of Elohim (Eze. 1)
      2. The Commission of the Dumb Priest (Eze. 2-3)
      3. The Man of Sign (Eze. 4-5)
      4. His Visit to Jerusalem to Behold the Image of Jealousy (Eze. 8,11)
      5. Touring the temple of the Future with the Man of Brass (Eze. 11,40,43)

      From Eden Lost to Eden Restored - Bro. Roger Lewis

      Haggai - Bro. H.P. Mansfield

      1. Class #1
      2. Class #2
      3. Class #3
      4. Class #4
      5. Class #5

      Hezekiah, A Root out of Dry Ground - Bro. John Martin

      His Miracles and Wonders and Signs - Bro. Jim Cowie

      Isaac: We are Children of Promise - Bro. Jim Cowie

      1. Children of Promise - is anything too hard for God? (Gen. 17)
      2. They went both of them together (Gen. 22)
      3. Comforted after his mother's death (Gen. 24)
      4. Two manner of people shall be separated from thy bowels (Gen. 25)
      5. Sowing and reaping an hundred fold (Gen. 26)
      6. By faith Isaac blessed Jacob and Esau (Gen. 27)

      Isaiah - Yahweh my Strength and my Song - Bro. Roger Lewis

      1. An Introduction to the Servant Songs
      2. He shall not strive nor cry (Isa. 42)
      3. He has Laboured in Vain (Isa. 49)
      4. He shall not be Ashamed (Isa. 50)
      5. He Hath Borne our Griefs (Isa. 52-53)
      6. He shall see His Seed (Isa. 53)

      Jacob, Prevailing with God - Bro. John Martin

      Jeremiah the Prophet - Bro. Ron Cowie

      Life and Times of Jehoiada the Priest - Bro. Jim Cowie
      Philippians - Bro. B. McClure
      Preaching the Risen Christ - Bro. Roger Lewis
      Samuel the Seer - Bro. Roger Lewis
      The Challenge of Corinthians - Bro. Michael Ashton
      The Disciples of the Lord - Bro. Roger Lewis
      The Garden of God - Bro. Barry Van Heerden
      The Prophecy of Daniel - Bro. Colin Hollamby
      The Spirit of Christ in the Prophets - Bro. Stephen Palmer
      The Spirit of Christ in the Psalms - Bro. Colin Badger
      1. Christ in the Law: An Introduction (Rom. 10)
      2. Principles from the Burning Bush (Deut. 4)
      3. The Law of Faith in the Law
      4. The New Motive in the Law
      5. Principles of the Shepherd in the Law
      6. The Redemptive Voice in the Law (Mic. 6)

        Themes from Ecclesiastes:  Under the Sun - Bro. Michael Ashton 

        This is Eternal Life, that I Might Know Him - Bro. Ted Sleeper

        When David was Old and Full of Days - Bro Roger Lewis

        1. David Built an Altar There
        2. Adonijah’s Revolt
        3. Treasures for the House and courses
        4. When David stood upon his feet
        5. The Prayer of Dedication
        6. The Counsel of a father and the death of the king
        7. (Exhort) The mind of Messiah in Psalms