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As We Grow Older


Author: Islip Collyer, soft cover 235 pages. Published by the CSSS January 2023.

Letters to the Middle Age and Beyond

The 44 letters contained in this book were first published in The Christadelphian Magazine from January 1943 to August 1946.  There are references to the dark days of war and the challenges brothers and sisters faced in Britian at that time. There are also reflections of the privation of the Depression which afflicted the world and brothers and the brotherhood in the 1930s.

Collated in book form for the first time (with the kind permission of The Christadelphian), these letters are now available for the enjoyment and benefit of a later generation who face the same challenges as those growing older in the 1940s. Penned when he was in his late sixties, readers will recognise the highs and lows of the author's life in what he writes. They may be surprised at how up to date much of what is written in these letters.

On average the letters are 5 pages long, so they are ideal to read with a cup of your favourite tea or coffee.