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Challenges to Conscience


Authors: Compilation

134 pages soft cover.

Printed and distributed by the CMPA on behalf of the UK Christadelphian Military Service Committee - 2021

This book is divided into two parts. Each topic is introduced in its Biblical context in the 'Foundations' section. Topics are then covered again in the 'Handbook' section, where issues arising from recent UK legislation relating to the topic are discussed. 

The seven topics are:

  1. Separation
  2. Gender
  3. Marriage
  4. Lifestyle
  5. Parenting
  6. Witness
  7. Work

Readers outside the UK will need to read the Handbook section realising that the legislation discussed is that applicable in the UK. While this could be seen as a limitation on the book it will be quickly become apparent that the issues the legislation is for are very similar across western society. Therefore the book is a very useful and up to date source of help to brethren and sisters in facing the challenges of daily living and employment.  These challenges largely arise from the increasingly litigious, humanistic and godless western culture in which our lives as "strangers and exiles" are placed.