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Christadelphian Bible Mission Basic Bible Truths


Pack of 19 pamphlets on first principles of the bible. Topics include:

  1. Baptism
  2. The Christian Life
  3. The Christadelphian's, Who are they, what do they believe?
  4. The Jews in God's purpose
  5. God's Plan for the World - and you
  6. The Devil
  7. Daily Living a disciple of Christ 
  8. Is God a Trinity?
  9. God's Promises - past, present and future 
  10. Heaven and Hell
  11. Life after Death
  12. Jesus Christ is coming back! 
  13. The meaning of fellowship 
  14. The Root of all Evil
  15. The Sabbath, is it a special day?
  16. Resurrection and Judgement
  17. The Bible - guidebook for life
  18. Should a christian fight?