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Events Subsequent To The Return of Christ


Author: Jim Cowie. Published by the Christadelphian Scripture Study Service. Reprinted February 2017.
Pages: 111, softcover

An explanation of events between Christ's Return and the Beginning of the Milennium


The Divine Plan of the Ages

The Jubilee Period

The Return of Christ

Responsibility to Divine Judgement

The Resurrection

The Judgement Seat of Christ

The Glorified Being

The Marriage of the Lamb

The March of the Rainbowed Angel

The Gogian Invasion

The Work of Elijah

The Second Exodus of israel

Christ's Military Strategy

Christ at Jerusalem

Armageddon and its Aftermath

The Refining of Judah

The Land of Israel Cleansed

The Subjugation of the Nations

The Lull before the Final Storm

Rivers in the Desert

The Time of Trouble such as never was

A Final Plea to the Nations

Yahweh's Controversy with the Nations

The Duration of National Judgement

Israel Established in the Bonds of the Covenant

Christ's reign on earth

A House of Prayer for All Nations

The Final Consolation  by Robert Roberts.