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Exploring the Bible (2011 Edition)


Author: David Evans
Pages: 274, paperback
A basic step by step bible study course designed for everyone. Reprinted April 2018 as the fifth edition. 

 This 4th edition follows the same chapter structure as the 3rd edition. The increased number of pages is mainly a result of changes in the format at the end of each chapter.

Chapter Headings
1 The Bible - the Inspired Word of God
2 In the Beginning God Created
3 The Creation of Man
4 The Entry of Sin into the World and its Effects
5 Cain and Abel - A Lesson in Acceptable Worship
6 The Flood of Noah's Day
7 From Noah to Abraham
8 Abraham - the Friend of God
9 Abraham - Justified by Faith
10 Abraham - The Father of Many Nations
11 Abraham - The Offering of Isaac
12 Israel in Egypt
13 From Mount Sinai to the Land of Promise
14 The Times of Judges and Kings
15 The Kingdom Divided - Israel and Judah
16 The Prophecies of Daniel - " The God of Heaven will set up a Kingdom".
17 The Return of the Exiles from Babylon to the Time of Jesus Christ
18 The Birth of Jesus Christ
19 The Work of John the Baptist
20 The Life and Work of the Lord Jesus Christ
21 The Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ
22 The Apostles Preach the Gospel after the Ascension of Jesus Christ
23 The Apostle Paul spreads the Gospel throughout the Roman World
24 Bible Facts about the Words "Devil" and Satan".
 25  The Coming Kingdom of God
 26  Discipleship in Christ Today
   The Practical Application of Discipleship
   What Must I Do?
   Brief Review of the Bible's Message
   The Commandments of Christ
   Further Assistance