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Insert Pack - Daniel


Pack of 8x inserts. Insert titles are:

  1. Maps of the Empire of Charlemagne, The Holy Roman Empire, The Beast of the Earth, the Dragon, and the Ottoman Empire.
  2. Maps of 2x the Roman Empire, one on Europe in AD 520, and one on the Saracen & Ottoman Empires.
  3. Daniel's 4th Beast & The 4 Beasts of the Apocalypse
  4. Development Of The Little Horn Of The Goat (Daniel 8)
  5. Duration of the Kingdom of Men
  6. "Nebuchadnezzar's Image" (Daniel 2)
  7. "The Four Beasts of Daniel" (Daniel 7)
  8. The Origin and Extent Of The Kingdom Of Men 

* Due to inventory shortages, included inserts may vary.

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