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In The Nurture and Admonition of the Lord


Author: Various
Pages: 196

The raising of children in an increasingly ungodly world represents perhaps the most difficult of the many challenged confronted by those who are seeking to live by the standards of God and His Son Jesus Christ. Bringing up children to understand and love their Creator; helping them to distinguish between good and evil and to make the right decisions for themselves; giving them appropriate discipline; setting the best possible example for them; preparing them for adulthood; and dealing with the whole range of problems and issues to which having children will almost inevitably give rise – all these challenges (and many more) are dealt with sensitively, practically and scripturally in the pages of this book.

The overall aim of the book and its authors is to offer support and advice to Christian parents who are keen to do their very best, with God’s help, to raise what the prophet Malachi calls a “godly seed” – children who come to recognise that it is God’s long-term intention to fill the earth with men and women who reflect, in the way they choose to live, the moral characteristics of God Himself.