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Leading a Funeral Service


Author: Norman Fitchett


Excerpt from the book:

"Many smaller ecclesias may have difficulty in finding a brother who, for various reasons, is recognized as "the brother who takes funeral services".

He is, mostly likely, not only someone who is available for such tasks because he can fit them into his working day, or perhaps retired from full-time work, but is a person able and suitable to manage this more specialised ecclesial duty. He is the 'right person'.

Unfortunately, such brethren may now be much older than they were twenty or thirty years ago. These guidelines are offered to provide some suggestions to younger brethren who may already have been asked to lead a funeral service, or who may required to do so in the future should our Lord remain away.

Because it is particularly to these brethren that I write, I have done so in a direct personal way: these guidelines are for you".