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Palestine: Mythical Yet Real


Author: Geoff Henstock, 108 pages soft cover.

Published by the Christadelphian Scripture Study Service - October 2023.

Tensions between the Israelis and the Palestinians dominate the way which the world relates to the Jewish state. Just as the return of the Jews to God's land is a feature of latter-day prophecies, so too is the response to the return by the Arabs in and around Israel. In this book we look at the prophetic and historical background to the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We also look at prophecies which describe how the Palestinians and their supporters may be expected to act in the future.

This book is well placed to help you undertstand events in the Middle East as they occur.

 Link to Podcast interview with the author about the book.

 See a presentation by the author based on the book, delivered at the Adelaide prophecy day August 2023.