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Preparing for Baptism


Author: Jim Luke. Published by the Christadelphian Scripture Study Service (CSSS).
Pages: 72

A guide for the instruction of those seeking baptism into Christ

The 15 lessons and 3 appendicies in the book are:

1. The Bible, God and Creation

2. Man and the Garden of Eden

3. Transgression and the Fall

4. The Covenant in Eden

5. Important Events between Eden and Abraham

6. The Covenant Made with Abraham

7. Important Events between Abraham and David

8. The Covenant made with King David

9. Important Events between the Time of David and Christ

10. The Birth and Ministry of Jesus Christ

11. The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

12. The Resurrection of Christ and His Mediatorship

13. Baptism into Jesus Christ

14. The Things Concerning the Kingdom of God

15. Sundry matters Relating to Discipleship


1. A Statement of Faith

2. Doctrines to be Rejected

3. The Commandments of Christ