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Principles of Ecclesial Life


Author: Donald Styles
Pages: 55
This booklet examines the purpose and functions of the ecclesia.

These notes were produced for the Study Day in Shelbourne Ontario, Canada in September 1990. The basic premise of the studies is that the ecclesia is God’s idea.

The nine chapters are:

  • Fundamental points
  • Ecclesias are for growth
  • Ecclesias are to prepare believers for ruling the Kingdom with Christ
  • Many in one, one in many – the message of the figures
  • Dividing the body is sin.
  • Unity is vital to God
  • Every member is important
  • Solving an ecclesial problem – a case study from Acts 6:1-8
  • Five resulting practical suggestions for solving ecclesial problems
    • Don’t panic
    • Follow Bible precedents
    • Apply spiritual commonsense
    • Establish right ecclesial structure
    • Keep spiritual priorities uppermost

Includes comment on biblical figures of: The human body; A temple made of stones; A unique tent; A family; A flock of sheep; The bread and wine