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Simply Revelation


Author: Greg Palmer

Pages: 204
Publisher: The Christadelphian

Why another book on Revelation? Since the earliest days of the Christadelphian community, authors have written much on how to interpret Revelation and on the wealth of historical information that it contains, including its many connections with other parts of the Bible. For many, however, Revelation remains a confusing book – or even, sadly, a closed book. In the hope of providing simple solutions to the complex challenges that Revelation presents, this commentary is designed to be accessible to the average reader, debunking any ‘mystery’ about the last message of our Lord Jesus Christ. Although it differs in some details from the thoughts of earlier expositors, it is intended to be a relatively simple presentation of sound thoughts from the last 250 years, assembled in a readily accessible format for the modern reader – ‘simply Revelation’, expounded in a way that readers can easily read and understand.