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The Enormous Tiny Experiment


Author: Anna Tikvah

Pages: 275

If you had to choose between six years of life in paradise or 70 years in our world, which would it be?

Longing for life without suffering, Professor Lehmans secretly brings 20 miniature children into existence. Having designed a fantastic environment for his new family in a giant, glass‚ a domed terrarium, he hopes their lives will be a fun filled adventure from one day to the next. As the 'Tinys' rapidly age and adapt, will the talented, intelligent professor achieve his goal? Can he and his assistant protect the New World from all disasters and distress?

Outside the secluded giant terrarium, a young university student challenges the Professor's philosophy. Ongoing debates raise many questions, such as: How did life originate? Is there a difference between improbable and impossible? How complex is a single cell? What will obstruct accurate interpretations of evidence? Where does evil come from?

In this enormous tiny experiment, the professors hypothesis is put to a test. Will humans thrive in a world with minimal suffering?