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The Prophecy of Amos


Author: Mark Allfree

Pages: 276, paperback 

On first reading, the message of the prophet Amos is very stark and austere. It consists primarily of a devastating critique of the state of society in Israel in the days of the prophet, that had become very wealthy and uncaring, with little time for God. Amos speaks of judgment that was about to fall upon Israel and Judah, at the hands of the northern Assyrian hosts. But there is more to the prophecy of Amos than this. There are distinct parallels between the state of the kingdoms of Israel and Judah in the days of Amos, and the ecclesial world of today. There are vital lessons for us to learn as we try to remain faithful in an environment that is becoming increasingly Godless and corrupt. The message of Amos is not all doom and gloom! In some respects, his ministry foreshadowed the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the final five verses of his message contain a wonderful prophecy of the resurrection of Jesus, the opening up of the Gospel to the Gentiles, the final restoration of Israel and the establishment of the Kingdom of God.