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The Story of Israel and the Coming of Elijah


Author: Stephen Whitehouse

Pages: 346, paperback

Do you wonder about Elijah’s role in God’s kingdom? Jesus said Elijah would restore all things (Mark 9:12).This book unveils Elijah’s mission.

Filled with eye-catching photos, charts, and a helpful appendix, Bro. Stephen’s book caters for all readers, from Bible scholars to newcomers. With accessible language and an engaging style, it’s an enjoyable read best enjoyed with a Bible in hand.

The book unfolds in five parts.
1. Israel’s Biblical History: Abraham’s promises to Old Testament events up to 70 AD.
2. The Last Two Thousand Years: The Jewish Diaspora, their prophetic return, and early Christadelphians’ reactions.
3. Challenging Times Ahead: Elijah’s future work and prophecies about Gog and Israel’s invasion.
4. Israel’s Transformation: God’s deliverance and Israel’s spiritual journey under Elijah’s guidance.
5. The Kingdom of God: The final gathering of God’s people in the Promised Land and King Jesus’ reign.