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The Schoolmaster


Author: John Martin
Pages: 392
An exposition of the book of Leviticus

An exposition of the book of Leviticus incorporating related laws from the book of Numbers in verse by verse format. Also included are 6 chapters on:

Exodus 12: The Passover

Exodus 13: Sanctification of the Firstborn

Numbers 5: The Law of Jealousy

Numbers 6: The Nazarite Vow

Numbers 19: The Red Heifer offering

Hebrews 10: Fulfilment of the Sacrificial System

The book also has 14 pages of charts:

1. The Offerings of leviticus 1 to 7

2. The Jewish year

3. the Jewish festivals

4. History of the Wilderness Wanderings

5. Index of expositions of scripture in the book which are outside the Law.

6. Subject Index