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Tyrants and Conquerors and God's Word


Author: Compilation.

Soft cover 111 pages.

Published by The Christadelphian Scripture Study Service. October 2021. 

From time to time the Scriptural record introduces us to key political figures who rule in the kingdom of men.  Sometimes it is by direct reference and at other times it is through prophetic symbol. How amazing that God has raised up all the different types of world leaders to fulfill His purpose with Israel and with mankind. That is the subject of this book. 

Most of the articles appeared in The Lampstand magazine in 2015 and 2016 under the title of Conquering Kings.  Several additional articles have been added and numerous color illustrations have been added to all the articles which greatly enriches the text. 

The articles included and their authors are:

  • Rameses 11 - Darren Tappouras
  • Sennacherib - Peter Schwartzkopf
  • Nebuchadnezzar - Carl Parry
  • Darius the Mede - Geoff Henstock
  • Cyrus the Great - Jim Luke
  • Alexander the Great - Rob Thiele
  • Titus - Colin Story
  • Caesar Augustus - Peter Tretola
  • Constantine - Jeff Johnson
  • Charlemagne - Brian Luke
  • Napoleon - Geoff Henstock
  • Ghengis Khan - Sam Mansfield
  • Adolf Hitler - Geoff Henstock