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Wonders of Creation


Author: David Burges
Pages: 202
Publisher: Testimony Magazine

As science author of the Testimony magazine for almost 20 years, the author has published many fascinating articles demonstrating the work of a Divine Designer in the amazing complexity of the natural world. From the awesome universe to the minutest particle of matter, nothing has been too large or too small to engage the author's attention in presenting the evidence of design to argue for the existence of an almighty Creator.

This representative selection of his articles shows the open-minded reader that it is reasonable to have a Bible-based faith in God as the originator of human life and of the world around us. Profusely illustrated, many in colour, the books 45 articles provide vivid testimony of the inadequacy of all forms of evolutionary theory. Very appropriately the last article no. 46 is a discussion about faith in God's Word.

Each of the articles are 3 -4 pages long and make a very helpful resource to meditate on one at a time during a coffee break, when using public transport or when you have set aside time to ponder about life. This book is very suitable for teenagers.